Women’s March, or White Feminism?

I participated in the Women’s March in downtown Chicago last week for the first time. I was excited to go, ready to recite empowering chants and be swept up in a sea of clever and point-driven signs. All those things happened, and while it was my first taste of activism, there was something about the […]

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Adventures with Caitlyn: Cancún, Mexico

Two weeks later, I finally have time to write about my Cancún trip! Not gonna apologize for the delay though, because it’s not like I have dozens of people reading these blog posts anyway. I’m drunk with power when I’m on my own! Anyway, I went on a mini tropical vacation with my cousin right […]

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Black Boot Haul: Wedges & Wheels

Oh, hi there. Long time no blog. What can I say, grad school gets a little intense sometimes. Before I go on explaining myself to a nonexistent audience, I’m just gonna get right into this post. Fun story: Back when I used to work in the city, I would take a bus and a train […]

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