School Girl in the Summer

Besides my affinity for ’80s teen movies and peanut butter, I also have an obsession with YouTube. Specifically vloggers. While I love watching the occasional BuzzFeed video while on my break, I find myself more drawn to individual YouTube creators. I not only enjoy the content they are putting out, but I find myself invested in the person herself and getting a glimpse into her daily life. I think that’s the real draw of YouTubers nowadays – you get visually appealing content, but you’re also getting a personalization that you can’t find while watching reality TV.

One such YouTuber I follow is Megan Bowen, “aka ChoNunMigookSaram…ipnidan!” Megan is an American living in South Korea who posts videos about her everyday life in Korea. She visits restaurants, goes on blind dates, and talks about life in Korea compared to the U.S. She is also really into fashion, and the eastern influences on her outfits make for some unique ensembles.

While watching her videos, I noticed a particular skirt that she wore with a variety of different pieces that I needed. Not just wanted, but NEEDED.

I decided to start perusing the internet, and surprisingly, searching “black suspender skirt” pretty much landed me right on the money. I ended up buying a very similar skirt to Megan’s off of for about $18. (Find it here.)

I paired it with a pair of black Ollio sneakers (Amazon, $20) and a shirt I got years ago. Unfortunately I can’t remember where it’s from, but click here for a similar style. The black choker is part of a set that I bought at Ragstock for $6.

My skirt doesn’t have the additional layer peeking out from underneath like Megan’s, but this leaves it at the exact length I want. It zips up the back with a pearl zipper clip, and it’s really comfortable. It has that school girl vibe I rarely go for, but you can completely transform it just by the top and shoes you decide to wear with it. You can also pair it with a solid black top and it looks like it’s all one piece. I had a couple coworkers who thought it was a dress!

TL;DR: This skirt is comfy, versatile, and a great value for the price.

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