Black Boot Haul: Thigh Highs

I am a huge Demi Lovato fan. I wasn’t into Camp Rock, but I got her first album, Don’t Forget, for my 16th birthday and I have been obsessively following her every move ever since.

Last year I noticed that she had started wearing thigh high boots on stage, and I was inspired.

While I figured I probably couldn’t get away with wearing a leotard and pantyhose at work, I at least wanted to get in on the thigh high boot action. So I started perusing good ol’ Amazon, and I found a version that are work/everyday wear appropriate.

These are Room of Fashion boots that I got on Amazon for $25. They don’t have strings in the back to tighten – instead there is a bit of elastic to stretch around your thighs. They are faux leather so they look nice without the price of real leather, and I specifically went with a flat heel instead of a stiletto because let’s be real. There is no way in hell I can work in a library dressed like that.

They’re surprisingly comfy. Mine reach well over my knee because I’m not a fan of the boots that stop right at the joint. For this outfit I am wearing a pair of jeggings from Walmart (I now own four pairs) and a sweater that I bought from the Salvation Army. It’s perpetually covered in dog hair because my golden retriever loves me too much.


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