Black Boot Haul: Punky Librarian

I’ve only been working in public libraries for a few years, and but already I’m finding that there are certain library stereotypes that I am encompassing, whether deliberately or not. Enter the librarian sweater:

I found this sweater last year while perusing the crammed aisles of my local Salvation Army, and it was exactly what I had been looking for.  It’s about three sizes too big, but that just makes it all the more comfy. It also makes me look like the exact kind of person you would expect to be working behind the reference desk at an old library.

But I am a libra, and true to form, I am all about balance in my life. So my favorite way to make this giant old lady sweater work is to incorporate some non-librarian clothing items. Enter the punky boots.

These are hands down the comfiest pair of boots I own, but that might also be because they have gel inserts in them. These are Gotta Flurt brand boots that you can find on Danzia. I received these as a gift last year and was instantly in love. The studded belts around the ankles add just enough edge to make these boots stand out.

For this look, I wore a black tank top and fishnets under a sleeveless plaid dress that I bought from Walmart. (Find similar dress here.) I layered the sweater over everything and voilá – that’s how you get away with wearing fishnets at your library job.


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