Black Boot Haul: Cool Fashion in the Heat of Fall

If Chicago has proven anything this week, it’s that summer really ain’t over ’til it’s over. Seriously, I went apple picking this weekend, and while I normally enjoy biting into a cool, crunchy apple with a bit of autumn chill in the air, this year I was sweating it out in 93 degree heat in a tank top eating an apple baked in the sun so long that I may as well have been sipping hot cider.

So, what do you do when it’s technically fall, but the weather is still screaming 4th of July? You improvise with a weather-appropriate outfit in fall colors. Which if you couldn’t tell by now for me are black and white.

I love how versatile this suspender skirt is, which I talked all about in one of my previous posts. For this look, I paired it with a REALLY old top from high school, so I can’t remember where it’s from. I also had to layer a black tank top underneath ’cause otherwise the puppies would have been popping out to play, which is no bueno when you’re trying to go about your day in public.

I got these heels for dirt cheap during a Black Friday sale last year at Shoe Carnival. These are Rampage Tashi booties, and the chunky heel makes them super comfortable for hours of wear. They zip up the sides so you don’t have to worry about lacing them, and I like wearing these with any outfit just to dress it up a bit.

And of course, one more shot of the outfit, just because.

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