Black Boot Haul: Black and Floral

I’m not a huge fan of dresses, unless they’re the classic LBD (little black dress). In a perfect world, it would be all black denim, leather jackets, and black combat boots all the time. But unfortunately there’s this little thing called summer in Chicago, which makes wearing said outfit combo downright miserable on a humid 90 degree day. So I grudgingly wear dresses when the heat index forces me too, but in order to feel more like myself, I like to add my own touch.

Hence, black tights and combat boots. Full disclosure, I completely stole this look from my cousin, who was rocking punk floral long before I ever thought of it. I bought the floral dress from Forever 21 (You can find a similar dress here for $25, though I didn’t pay that much for it in store.), and the tights are from Walmart. This dress was not this short when I bought it, but I put it through the wash and suddenly it was about 3 inches shorter, so now tights are definitely necessary. I’m not going to go into much detail about the boots because I already talked about them in my thrift shop post.

And here’s a really staged picture of me pretending to be fascinated by flowers for good measure.

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