Black Boot Haul: Wedges & Wheels

Oh, hi there. Long time no blog. What can I say, grad school gets a little intense sometimes.

Before I go on explaining myself to a nonexistent audience, I’m just gonna get right into this post.

Fun story: Back when I used to work in the city, I would take a bus and a train to and from my job every day. One day I was on the bus, and I was in a rush because the bus had been late and my CTA Tracker app said that the train I needed to catch was going to arrive in a matter of minutes. When I got to my stop I exited out the back doors of the bus and stepped off onto the sidewalk, not even paying attention to my surroundings because I needed to catch that train.

Except the sidewalk was soft. And suddenly I realized there were construction workers yelling at me. When I looked down, I realized that I had stepped off the bus right into wet cement. I was already ankle-deep in concrete, and I had to walk across all the fresh pavement in order to get back onto solid ground. What’s worse, I was wearing a pair of boots I had just bought not even six months prior, and they were black suede. It was a disaster.

I spent the entire train ride home trying to scrape cement off my boots with my fare card, but they were completely covered. I figured they were ruined, and while I planned to just throw them out, I held onto them for some reason. They sat in their original box for a year until this summer when I decided to Google “how to remove cement from suede shoes.” As you can imagine I did not find the exact answers I was looking for, but I got some inspiration, and I sat on my front porch for over an hour brushing dried concrete off my boots. And while they do not look as pristine as they did when I bought them, they look pretty damn good.

I mean, come on. For having sunk buckle-deep in CEMENT, this is pretty impressive. At least I’m impressed. And that’s all that matters. Who was I talking to again?

Anyway, onto the details. These boots are another $10 Black Friday steal from Shoe Carnival (originally $70) that literally had my name on them. They’re called the Kaitlyn, so when I saw them on the shelf I just thought, “Sold.” (Find similar pair here.) They are a wedge heel so I can wear them comfortably all day, and like I said, they’re black suede. Which means you never wear them when it rains, snows, or concretes. Got that, kids?

The red jeggings are from a previous post. As for the tops, the tunic is from Forever 21 (you can find a similar shirt here) and the jacket was actually a hand-me-down from my mom. Therefore, it was probably a purchase from JCPenney six years ago and is long gone from the racks now. The closest thing I could find to it is this one from Walmart for $21.99.

I can’t not take a picture next to a car that is matchy-matchy with my outfit.

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