About Me

Welcome to my humble abode! My name is Caitlyn, and I’m terrible when it comes to writing about myself. Just a heads up.

My two greatest loves in life are reading and writing. I’m a self-professed bookworm, and that love for books is what drove me to first get my Bachelor’s degree in English, and now a Master’s in library science. I work in a (Yep, you guessed it!) library, where I get to nerd out on fine literature and a never-ending selection of music and movies.

Do not be fooled, though: I hardly fit the typical librarian stereotype. No argyle sweaters and cat eye glasses to be found in my room! I’ve had a penchant for fashion since my teen years, and my style ranges from colorful and floral to all-black and studs, depending on the season and my mood.

I have a bad case of wanderlust, and I have begun scratching places off my bucket list to visit. My goal is to travel to a new destination every year, so be on the lookout for updates on my whereabouts!

In the end, I’m a girl who loves the simple things in life: fudge brownies, my golden retriever, singing off-key in the car, and making sarcastic comments whenever possible. So grab a snack (or a large alcoholic beverage, if that’s what gets you through the day), kick up your feet, and stay a while. I’m happy you’re here!

Hmm. I guess that intro wasn’t so bad, after all.